Han King's automatic thermal air ring debuts for the first time in the latest two-in-one three-layer blown film machine for stretch hood film and heavy-duty packaging film.

two-in-one blown film for stretch hood and heavy duty bag
Unlike heat shrink films requiring external heat for shrinking, cold-stretch films effectively bind packaging items solely through the physical principle of stretching. The raw materials for cold-stretch films contain a high proportion of elastomers and metallocene, enabling the film to possess high resilience and puncture resistance, efficiently preserving the integrity of the items. Cold-stretch hood films typically exhibit high film transparency, making it easy to identify packaged items during transportation.

Cold-stretch films have become the choice for the final packaging stage of many industries such as petrochemical plants, electronics, furniture, construction materials, and more for larger products. They require pairing with automatic cold-stretch film packaging machines, enabling the creation of highly automated packaging assembly lines for mass production.

FFS heavy-duty packaging machines are already mature products in Han King's lineup. Apart from closely collaborating with numerous petrochemical plants, we continue to improve by reducing film thickness and implementing environmentally friendly solutions involving the use of PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials. At the 2022 K Show in Germany, Han King achieved a 30% incorporation of PCR recycled materials and aimed to reduce film thickness to 100 microns.

Han King has introduced a dual-use blown film machine that combines the production of cold-stretch hood film and heavy-duty packaging film into one. Additionally, we have debuted the thermal air ring for the first time. This thermal air ring provides the first-stage flexible cooling effect for the bubble, resulting in even film thickness and reducing the likelihood of sharp thickness edges.

automatic thermal air ring
The stretch hood film and FFS heavy-duty packaging film are now the two major packaging films used for automatic packaging lines in petrochemical plants. The films produced are commonly 1200mm wide for heavy-duty packaging films and 2000mm wide for stretch hood films.

Here are some equipment details:
- Production of 1200mm heavy-duty packaging film and 2000mm cold-stretch hood film
- Thermal automatic air ring
- Gusseting device with electric control
- Face-to-face dual center-surface winders
- Edge trimming recycling device (suction type)