HAN KING: Blown Film Machines for FFS Heavy-duty Sack and Stretch Hood Film Play a Significant Role in the Petrochemical Industry

Han King is a professional blown film machine manufacturer in Taiwan. It has full design and manufacturing capability from custom design to final machine built. In-house R&D team focus on automation, development, manufacturing, assembly and communication to customize each customer’s unique requirement.

Han King has been established for 38 years. It has continued to specialize in single-layer to three-layer and five-layer blown film machines and has proven excellent results in the blown film market. In 2005, it established its own brand name KING-PLUS, and in 2011 developed the KING-COOL automatic air ring, which increases the production capacity by 30%. In 2013 at ChinaPlas in Shanghai, it showcased the three-layer FFS blown film machine, achieving 350 kg per hour output. In 2014, it successfully linked the printing machine and inner embossing device to run in-line to the FFS blown film machine. In 2017, it exhibited the five-layer stretch hood blown film machine, producing 350 kg per hour.


《FFS blown film machine produced 382 kg/hr in 2018 ChinaPlas》

FFS Heavy Duty Sack Replaces Traditional Woven Bag
In the past, woven bags, made with complicated processes, were used to package grains, fertilizers, and heavy raw materials. The emergence of the FFS (form-fill-seal) automatic packaging line has made a great contribution to saving manpower and time. FFS heavy duty sacks are formed one-off at one time, saving manpower, providing moisture-proof, heat-sealability, superior printing and other characteristics, with automatic packaging equipment for continuous mass production, thereby greatly improving output efficiency.

Three-layer FFS heavy-duty sack blown film machines are now a mature equipment in the market, with a standard film width of about 550mm and an average output of 320 kg per hour. The ratio of layered distribution in heavy duty packaging film is usually 1:2:1 or 1:3:1, and the general film thickness is in the range of 160 to 180 microns. Appropriate use of mLLDPE and additives can reduce the film thickness down to 120 to 140 microns, while improving the film strength, anti-blocking and sealing properties.

As the development of FFS heavy duty sack production becomes more mature, the competition in the market becomes more intense. Downgauging the thickness to a thinner film is the most direct way to reduce costs, but how does one reduce the use of raw materials without reducing the strength of the film?

The five-layer blown film machine is the answer to achieve that. The five-layer blown film machine is able to change the formulation of the component raw materials and provides for the possibility to directly reduce the cost of raw materials. And with the increasing market demand and the rapid development of high-performance polyethylene raw materials, the strength of raw materials has improved so that the characteristics for films can still be maintained while reducing the amount of raw materials and producing thinner films. Each layer of the five-layer film has its unique properties.
For a single-layer or three-layer film to achieve a variety of properties, different proportions of raw materials must be added to the same layer and these can sometimes not work as well due to incompatibility issues among different raw materials in the same layer.
The common layered distribution ratios of five-layer heavy duty film are 1:1:2:1:1 and 1:2:4:2:1. The output can reach 450 kg per hour, and the film thickness is from 100 to 120 microns.

Han King FFS heavy duty packaging blown film equipment can be connected to in-line flexographic printing machine and inner surface embossing device. Production in one-station saves time and reduces waste when the printing machine need not to stop to change the rolls. It makes layout space in factory better and reduces the demand of manpower for users. The technology of inner embossing increases the friction force on the surface of the film. It not only prevents the sacks from collapsing, but improves the stability when automatic palletizing machine stacks the sacks.

The recent issues of environmental protection and global sustainability are hot topics. In addition to gradually replacing woven bags that deteriorate in strength over time and are difficult to recycle, the industry also expects to move forward in the direction of using complete polyethylene material, in all layers, to produce films. This is in order to facilitate the subsequent use of packaging bags to be recycled, re-granulated and reused, increasing the reuse rate of raw materials, thereby reducing the amount of material waste and environmental pollution.

FFS packaging bags and cold stretch hoods plays a significant role in the petrochemical production line
As FFS heavy duty blown film machine and automatic packaging machine become the mainstream in packaging, another film demand has surfaced. Stretch hood films, different from shrink films that have to be heated to shrink, have excellent holding force and elasticity to wrap cargo tightly and prevent the staked sacks from collapsing. It greatly improves the security during transit. Furthermore, stretch hood films have high impact resistance and high puncture resistance that protect the goods from damage, and offer high transparency to view the wrapped cargo and to scan the labels when necessary. Stretch hood films are used to pack building material, food & beverage, petrochemical material, furniture & electrical appliances and irregular-shaped items.

Stretch hood films contain a high proportion of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Copolymer Resins to achieve its high elasticity characteristic. It is evenly stretched by the stretch hood machine, and cannot tear during stretching. Therefore, there are stricter thickness standards when producing such films. Generally, the thickness tolerance is within +/-4%. Of course, the smaller the thickness error, the thinner the film, the better the quality and the smoother the production process.
In 2019, Han King launched FFS heavy duty film and cold stretch film, two-in-one dual-purpose machine in the market, allowing customers to produce these two complementary films with just one machine. Heavy duty packaging film provides for raw material packaging, and cold stretch film provides safe packaging for subsequent transportation. Both of these products play an indispensable role in today's petrochemical production lines.

K2022booth dual-use machine

《Stretch hood film used to wrap cargo》

Back to K Show to meet a wider market demand for film
After many years, Han King returned to the K exhibition stage in 2019 and exhibited the core parts of the 5-layer FFS heavy duty film blowing machine, which was highly inquired by show visitors. In 2022, Han King will obtain a booth space of 182 square meters at the exhibition. It is expected to provide visitors with more information on the blown film machines, as well as the performance display of Han King's high-capacity FFS five-layer heavy duty film blowing machine. See you at K2022!