Five-layer Machine - Han King in collaboration with Dow Chemical and ZPIT

Five-layer Blown Film Machine For Stretch Hood & FFS Heavy Duty Sack
Han King in collaboration with Dow Chemical and ZPIT (Zhenhai Petrochemical Industry Trade)

In the past ten years, the petrochemical industry in China has upgraded the woven bag packing machine to FFS (Form, Fill and Seal) integrated packing equipment. Petrochemical plants have actively invested in FFS machines. After more than ten years of competition, research and development by various manufacturers, the original mono-layer film has evolved into three-layer heavy-duty film. In recent years, material downgauging is a popular issue in the market to reduce the material cost and to achieve the goal of being environmentally friendly. The five-layer FFS sacks can fulfill the requirement for thickness downgauging and can be more flexible to vary the material formulation to produce a film with better properties.

Besides FFS film, the stretch hood which has high elasticity, high toughness and puncture resistance, among other properties, is well received in the market. It is gradually replacing the stretch wrap film and works well in packing and palletizing lines. It is a fully automatic operation to save manpower costs. It has high elasticity and high toughness properties to improve pallet load protection and supports the goods from collapsing. Its high film transparency provides excellent brand recognition. It provides a high safety and high quality solution for transportation.

dual-use machine

In 2009, ZPIT in Ningbo purchased three sets of FFS three-layer blown film machines and one set of off-line embossing and gusseting device to produce the heavy duty sacks to supply to Zhenhai oil refinery. This started our business co-operation with multiple China Petroleum customers subsequently. ZPIT purchased the machines with 45+65+45 extruders that can produce 205kg per hour and an estimated annual output of about 5,100 tons.

Han King has provided excellent service and maintained good communication with ZPIT for the past ten years. The market demand has developed from FFS to stretch hood and it is a trend to combine both products. ZPIT plans to invest to produce stretch hood, while at the same time, they would like to increase the output of FFS sacks. They approached Han King for a new machine that is cost-efficient and flexible for material formulation. In September 2019, both parties signed a contract for "Five-layer blown film machine for stretch hood & FFS heavy duty sacks dual-use project" and agreed for first machine inspection in Han King’s factory and delivery in April 2020.

For the development of the five-layer machine, it was our pleasure to invite Dow Chemical to provide the technical support. We learned much about the material characteristics of stretch hood and FFS sacks from Dow Chemical. They designed the formulation and supported with all the resins for the test runs. The resin formulations were designed for FFS, to produce the film with thickness 0.1 mm at 380 kg/hour output and for stretch hood, to produce the film with thickness 0.12 mm at 400 kg/hour output. After many discussions and test runs by both parties, we finally achieved a perfect result.

The development of the five-layer machine has brought more sophisticated technology to Han King in the design of extruder, die and automatic air ring. We have also acquired more knowledge about the processing characteristics for producing stretch hood and FFS sacks. We thank ZPIT for the support in the last ten years and for giving us the opportunity to design and to manufacture the new machine. We thank Dow Chemical for the technical and resin support. Through this experience, Han King can bring better knowledge and service to our customers!

dual-use machine